Terms of Service – LGFG Fashion House

The Boring Legal Stuff Will Follow This Comic Outlining Some Basics About Using Your LGFG Products



Because of LGFG’s intricate and advanced production and tailoring processes, a suit takes 4 to 6 weeks to manufacture. Occasionally, due to fabric availability, a suit can take up to 8 weeks. We do strive for prompt delivery, however, as quality is more important we find it prudent to quote delivery time as 4 to 8 weeks to ensure we keep our promises.


LGFG accepts Visa, Mastercard or Amex. Card information is never stored and we use only highly secure credit card processing 3rd parties such as Braintree (a PayPal company). LGFG takes 50% of payment on order and 50% on satisfactory delivery.


As in the custom suiting business adjustments are normal, we will take care of any necessary adjustments during your fitting. Sometimes adjustments are not required, and we do all fittings in person in order to gain our full approval on delivery. If a client requests not to have a fitting then LGFG is not responsible for any adjustments later as we would not have had the opportunity to conduct a proper fitting at the client’s request. Thus, LGFG explicitly requests that we do not ship your garments to you or leave them with you for any reason and that our clothiers have an opportunity to conduct a proper delivery and fitting.


If you feel a garment requires adjustments, please notify your clothier within 5 business days. Anything outside of that and your clothier and LGFG reserve the right to do so at our approval only.


LGFG will conduct a maximum of 2 fittings in order to make all reasonable adjustments if necessary. LGFG is not responsible for fluctuations in the physique of the client prior to delivery or between fittings and delivery. Should this be a concern, please communicate this to your LGFG clothier prior to your fitting.


Because this is a custom product we do not offer refunds. However, we will do everything to ensure your satisfaction and take care of all reasonable adjustments. Please note that only our clothiers and preferred tailors are authorized to work on the garments and any garment altered in any way by a non–LGFG party or against the advice of your LGFG clothier is no longer covered by our satisfaction policy.

For any questions, please contact us!

(last update: March, 2017)